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Electronic Lock with iButton + RS232 [Electronic Lock-3]
Interconnection of Smart Wearable Devices and Smart Homes
Μετατροπή Μονάδων Μέτρησης
DIP - SOIC Adapter
RS232 card with 16 digital outputs [REMSW1]
Control program for module REMSW1 (Windows* Version)
Rotary encoder with RS232 output [ROTARY-S]
Rotary encoder with parallel output [ROTARY-P]
DS18B20 temperature sensor with metal case [TEMPSENS]
34 digital outputs card for centronics parallel port [MM20]
2X16 digits LCD display with RS232 port [SeriaLCD]
Screen with 5 LED displays [DIS5] suitable for Arduino
Electronic lock with iButton* V1 [IDKEY-1]
Electronic lock with iButton* V2 [IDKEY-2]
Electronic lock with iButton* V3 [IDKEY-3]
Electronic lock with iButton* V4 [IDKEY-4]
iButton*  reader with RS232 output [IDREADER]
IR remote control checker [IRCHK]
General purpose timer [GTIMER-1]
DTMF Decoder [DTMFN]
Small alarm [ALARM8]
Pulse counter wiht binary display [BCOUNTER]
A/D converter with RS232 output [RSADN] suitable for Arduino
Serial EEPROM programmer [APT-1]
One digit serial LED display suitable for Arduino [SDIS]
Thermostat - thermometer [THERMOSTAT]
Temperature meter with LM75 [TH-3] suitable for Arduino
Temperature control for Audio amplifiers [THERMCON]
DS1821 Programmer [PRG1821]
Relative humidity and temperature meter with RS232 output [RHV1]
Relative humidity and temperature meter with RS232 output [RHV2] suitable for Arduino
Relative humidity & temperature meter with RS232 port [SERRH1]
RS232 thermometer with LCD 3 ½ digits readout [Therm8-B]
Thermometer with LCD 3 ½ digits readout [THERM8-C]
RS232 thermometer [Therm8-A] suitable for Arduino
RS232 to RS422 converter with optical isolation [OPTO4CH] suitable for Arduino
TTL/RS232/RS422  converter [RS422N] suitable for Arduino
TTL/RS232 converter [ID275]
TTL/RS232 converter [MM01-2]
TTL/RS232 converter [MM01]
keyboard interface with serial output [KBRD-S]
AT Keyboard interface with parallel  output [KBRD-P]
Parallel Port 2 Wire Serial Interface [PP2WSI]
WAV player card [SOUND-X]
Audio amplifier 300mW  [S-AMP]
3 relays card [RUL] suitable for Arduino
8 relays card [RLboard] suitable for Arduino
Optical isolator [OPTOC] suitable for Arduino
Evaluation board for smart chips (ASC series) [ASCPCB]
Evaluation board for smart chips (ASC series) [ASCPCB2]
Standby control for portable devices [Autopower]
EEPROM memory card [EE-MODULE]
8 bit I/O card with I²C*  interface [NETIO] suitable for Arduino
Real Time Clock with I²C* interface [NETRTC] suitable for Arduino
8 analog channels card for the PC parallel - centronics port [MM03]
Optical isolation of RS232 port of computer [MM05]
8 digital outputs card for the PC parallel centronics port [MM07]
8 digital inputs card for the PC parallel - centronics port [MM08]
Optical isolated I/O card for the PC parallel -centronics port [MM12]
4 Optical isolated Inputs  card for the PC parallel - centronics port [MM13]
4 Optical isolated Outputs card for the PC parallel -centronics port [MM14]
8 channels logic probe for the PC parallel centronics port [MM15]
2X16 LCD display for the PC parallel - centronics port [PCLCD-W]
Enclosure for EEPROM memory programmer [DEVPRG]
MM box
DS18B20 Temperature sensor
DS1821 Temperature sensor
DS1990R serial  iButton*
Adhesive PAD for iButton* [ID pad]
ECW1 Rotary encoder
DIN-5 adaptor for AT keyboard [PCKBRD-C] suitable for Arduino
ASC-00110 Digital Contacting Encoder with Serial output
ASC-00115  Digital Contacting Encoder with parallel  output
ASC-06080  Small alarm
ASC-07070  A/D converter with serial output RS232
ASC-08100  Electronic lock with iButton* (V1)
ASC-08110  Electronic lock with iButton* (V2)
ASC-08120  Electronic lock with iButton* (V3)
ASC-08130  Electronic lock with iButton*+ Serial output (V4)
ASC-08340  iButton* reader with serial output suitable for Arduino
ASC-11210  IR LED tester
ASC-14250  General Timer
ASC-15020 Programable thermostat - thermometer
ASC-15230  Serial hygrometer - thermometer (V1)
ASC-15232  Serial hygrometer - thermometer (V2)
ASC-15295 Serial thermometer
ASC-16350  AT keyboard interface with serial output
ASC-16355  AT keyboard interface with parallel  output
C07070 8 Channel  A/D converter
DTMFN Serial cable
SERIALCD serial cable
DEVPRG serial cable
REMSW1 serial cable
RLBOARD flat cable
ID275 serial cable
SERIF cable
RSAD cable
Logic probe cable
PCLCD-W cable
Control program for module REMSW1 (DOS version) [REMSW1D]
Character designer program for SeriaLCD display
G-Timer1 module parameters calculator program [GTIMER-VB]
2 pin headers [AVCON2]
4 pin headers [AVCON1]
Caps for DS25 connector
Caps for DS9 connector
DS9 male connector
DS9 female connector
DS25 male connector
DS25 female connector
ASC-05340 Serial EEPROM programmer
ASC-15110 DS1821  programmer
ASC-15290 Serial thermometer with LCD display
ASC-15293 Thermometer with serial display port
ASC-07135 I/O with serial port
ASC-07120 16 digital outputs with serial port
2 pins terminal block
3 pin terminal block
Plastic Enclosure for mains transformer with AC plug
Plastic Enclosure with battery holder
Plastic Enclosure A400
Plastic Enclosure A500
1N4148 Diode
2N2222A NPN transistor
2N2219A NPN transistor
1N4007 Diode
MJE340 NPN Transistor
MJE350 PNP Transistor
BD139 NPN Power Transistor
BD140 PNP Power Transistor
BD677A NPN Power Darlington Transistor
BC237B NPN general purpose transistor
BC307 PNP general purpose transistor
BC327-25 PNP general purpose transistor
BC337-25 NPN general purspose transistor
BC546B NPN general purpose transistor
BC547B-PNP general purpose transistor
BC557B PNP general purpose transistor
Plastic  Enclosure with battery holder [A1]
CRD89C512RD/VRS1100 8-Bit Microcontroller (2x64KB ISP Flash-1KB SRAM
VDIP1 Vinculum Development module
FT2232L Dual USB /FIFO
FT2232D Dual USB /FIFO
iButton* breloque V2
DS9092 iButton* socket V2 [IDSOCK2]
DG9092L iButton* socket V4 with magnet holder [IDSOCK4]
DS9093S iButton* holder  V1
DG9093S iButton* holder  V2
PRC100X temperature sensor
DS1971 - F5  256 bits EEPROM
DS1921G Thermochron iButton*
Square Format QFP Adaptor
FM31256 DIP Adaptor
PICkit™ 2 Starter Kit [DV164120]
PICkit™ 2 Debug Express  [DV164121]
The PICkit 2 Microcontroller Programmer [PG164120]
PLCC44 socket
SA08-11SRWA LED Display
SA36-11SRWA led display
DG9093MG iButton* F5 & Magnet holder
UV Card
ASC-15296 Serial Thermometer V2
Serial Thermometer  V2 [Therm8-D]
Plastic Enclosure [HAMMOND 1591SSFLBK]
4X20 LCD display
ASC-08130B  Electronic lock with iButton*+ Serial output (V5)
Electronic lock with iButton*  V5 [IDKEY-4B]
CD4093 Quad 2 Input NAND Schmitt Trigger
CD4017 Decade Counter/Divider with 10 Decoded Outputs
CD4040 12-Stage Ripple Carry Binary Counters
CD4049 Hex Inverting Buffer
DS1302 Trickle Charge Timekeeping Chip
DS1231 Power Monitor Chip
DS2401 Silicon Serial Number
PCB for KIT K07150
PCB for KIT K16110
PCB for KIT K15233
PCB for KIT K15100
PCB for KIT K15085
PCB for KIT K16400
PCB for KIT K18300
PCB for KIT K26300
PCB for KIT K26280
PCB for KIT K26455
PCB for KIT K26510
PCB for KIT K26520
PCB for KIT K13345
PCB for KIT K07120
PCB for KIT K07410
PCB for KIT K15232
PCB for KIT K16125
PCB for KIT K28350
PCB for KIT K28010
PCBs for KIT K15020
PCB for KIT K04120
PCB for KIT K07070
PCB for KIT K28100
PCB for KIT K28120
PCB for KIT K28030
PCB for KIT K28050
PCB for KIT K28110
PCB for KIT K16060
PCB for KIT K18220
PCB for KIT K26260
PCB for KIT K14250B
PCB for KIT K16120
PCB for ASC series Chip [V1]
PCB for ASC series Chip [V2]
PCB for KIT K28060
PCB for KIT K28130
Call Accounting and Billing System  [TELETAX SPN]
SMDR data buffer  [DATA-STORE]
Mini dialer MD-22
SMS Temperature alarm
GSM Pager [SMS Alarm]
GSM telematic input/output controller [SMS I/O controller]
Desktop telephone to mobile redirector [PSTN to Mobile]
SMS Vehicle Locator and GSM Pager  [Gaiapointer]
3V3/RS232 converter V1 [MM01-4] suitable for Arduino & Raspberry
74HC393 Dual 4-Bit Binary Counter
74HC00  Quad 2-Input NAND Gate
LM324 Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier
MT8880 DTMF Transceiver
74LS27 Triple 3-Input NOR Gate
74LS32  Quad 2-Input OR Gate
74LS04  Hex Inverter
74LS573  Octal D-Type Latch with TRI-STATE Outputs
93C46  1024 Bit Serial EEPROM (MICROWIRE)
IN1232 MicroMonitor Chip
CD4050  Hex Inverting/Non-Inverting Buffer
CD4071 Quad 2-Input OR/AND Buffered B Series Gate
CD4511 BCD to 7 Segment Latch/Decoder/Driver
CD4538  Dual Precision Monostable
DS34C86 Quad CMOS Differential Line Receiver
DS34C87 CMOS Quad TRI-STATE Differential Line Driver
LM1830 Fluid Detector
LM336-2.5 Voltage Reference Diode
LM336-5 5.0V Reference Diode
LM555 Timer
LM7805 Voltage Regulators
LM78L05 Three Terminal Positive Regulators
PCF8574 Remote 8-bit I/O expander for I²C-bus
PCF8583 Clock/calendar with 240 x 8-bit RAM
74HC04 Hex Inverter
74HC32 Quad 2-Input OR Gate
74LS00 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate
DS26LS32 Quad Differential Line Receivers
74LS14 Hex Inverter with Schmitt Trigger Inputs
74LS164  8 Bit Serial In/Parallel Out Shift Register with Asynchronous Clear
74LS165  8 Bit Parallel In/Serial Out Shift Register with Complementary Outputs
24C64  64 Kbit Serial CMOS EEPROMs I²C Synchronous 2-Wire Bus
74LS151  1of 8 Line Data Selector/Multiplexer
74LS138  Decoder/Demultiplexer
74LS123  Dual Retriggerable One-Shot with Clear & Compl. Outputs
ADC0838  8 Bit Serial I/O A/D Converters with Multiplexer Options
CP82C55AC Programmable Peripheral Interface Adapter
HT12A 2-12 Series of Encoders
HT12D 2-12 Series of Decoders
HT12F 2-12 Series of Decoders
HT12E 2-12 Series of Encoders
4N28  6 pin DIP Optoisolators Transistor Output
6N136 High speed transistor optocouplers
TLP621-4 High density mounting phototransistor
LM2931-5 100mA Low Dropout Voltage Regulator (5 Volts)
LM2936-5 Ultra-Low Quiescent Current LDO Voltage Regulator
1N5817 SCHOTTKY Barrier rectifiers 1.0 Ampere 20 Volts
DS1920 digital thermometer
TD62083 8 channel Darlington sink driver
TD62783  8 channel high voltage source driver
GSM antenna
DS9490B iButton* USB bridge
DS9490R iButton* USB birdge with RJ11
Blue Dot™  Receptor (iButton* Touch-and-Hold Reader/Probe)
TS2596-CZ5  ADJ SIMPLE SWITCHER® 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
Plastic Enclosure GEWISS 100x100x50
DIP switch 4 poles
DIP switch 8 poles
Single Output General Purpose Power Supplies [LS25-15]
6 pin IC Socket
8 pin IC Socket
14 pin IC Socket
16 pin IC Socket
20 pin IC Socket
28 pin IC Socket
40 pin IC Socket
Crystal 32768 Hz
IDC20 Female connector with strain relief (20 pin)
IDC10 Female connector with strain relief (10 pin)
IDC16 Female connector with strain relief (16 pin)
IDC26 Female connector with strain relief (26 pin)
Super Bright White LED 3mm
Red LED 3mm
10 uF/35V Electrolytic capacitor (Radial)
100 uF/35V Electrolytic capacitor (Radial)
220 uF/63V Electrolytic capacitor (Radial)
220 uF/35V Electrolytic capacitor (Radial)
2200 uF/35V Electrolytic capacitor (Radial)
BAT85 Schottky barrier diode
DS1833-10 5V EconoReset
DS1232S MicroMonitor Chip
Crystal 20 MHz
Crystal 4MHz
Crystal 12 MHz
SN75176 Multipoint RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers
DS9503 ESD Protection Diode with Resistors
DS1307Z 64 x 8 Serial Real Time Clock
FM24C04 4K 2-Wire Bus Serial EEPROM
DS2431 1024-Bit 1-Wire EEPROM
FM24C64-8192x8 I²C FRAM
LM2936-3V3 Ultra-Low Quiescent Current LDO Voltage Regulator
DS1302Z Trickle Charge Timekeeping Chip
Prototyping board 16cm x10cm
IR Receiver Modules for Remote Control Systems TSOP31238
MPSA42 NPN High Voltage Transistor
Female DSUB 25 connector with angled solder pins
Male DSUB 25 connector with angled solder pins
Male DSUB 9 connector with angled solder pins
Female DSUB 9 connector with angled solder pins
Male DSUB 9 connector for ribbon cable
Female DSUB 9 connector for ribbon cable
Female DSUB 25 connector for ribbon cable
Male DSUB 25 connector for ribbon cable
DIN 5 female connector for PCB mounting
DIN 5 female chassis connector
3 pins AC power panel plug 10A/250V
3 pins AC power plug 10A/250V
3 pins AC power panel jack 10A/250V
28 pin DIL connector-board to flat cable
14 pin DIL connector-board to flat cable
20 pin DIL connector-board to flat cable
40 pin DIL connector-board to flat cable
18 pin IC socket
32 pin IC socket
84 pin PLCC IC socket
28 pin PLCC IC socket
68 pin PLCC IC socket
14 pin IC socket (round pins)
DS25 Female - DS25 Female changer
DS25 Male - DS25 Male changer
DS9 Male - DS9 Male changer
DS9 Female - DS9 Female changer
DS25 Male - DS25 Female changer
DS9 Male - DS9 Female changer
DS9 female to PS2 (female) converter
DIN5 to PS2 (male) converter
Super bright red LED 3mm
5 mm red LED
5 mm Green LED
Alphanumeric LCD 2X8  [MDLS82603]
SA23-12SRWA single digit numeric display
SA10-21EWA single digit numeric display
PSA08-11EWA 16 segments Alphanumeric LED display
Proximity switch TL-B5PE1
Opto interrupter
Rotary switch 1-12
PCB fuse holder
Fuse protective cover
Keyboard 3X4 EF128
Cable ties
Cable tie mounting base
10K Resistor pack 8+1
USB connector type A- solder pin
Pin header round pins-20 Pin
Super capacitor 0.047 F/5V
Super capacitor 2.2F /5V
Speaker 8 Ohm/1W
Shielded Anti-Static bag 4X6 inch
Shielded Anti-Static bag 6X10 inch
RF choke VK200
Thumbwheel switch
75176CN Multipoint RS485/RS422 Tranceivers - CMOS
Male connector for PCB with lock latches (10pins-straight)
Male connector for PCB with lock latches (10pins-angled)
Male connector for PCB with lock latches (16pins-straight)
Male connector for PCB with lock latches (20 pins-straight)
Male connector for PCB with lock latches (26 pins-angled)
Mounting base for relay - 4 pole
Zero Ohm resistor
RJ12 angled PCB connector
LM2940CT-5 -1A Low Dropout Regulator
Male connector for PCB with lock latches (26 pins-straight)
Spacer snap-in fastening 15.9 mm
Bridge rectifier 70V/8A
Bridge rectifier 70V/1.5A
1N4148 SMD Diode
1N4007 SMD Diode
Plastic enclosure G1013
Plastic spacer 5 mm
Plastic cable gland V1
BD136 PNP Power Transistor
3V3 /RS232 converter V2 [MM01-5]
3V3/RS232/Bluetooth converter [MM01-6]
Remote control (1 channel)
Switching power supply V1 (0.5 Ampere)
Switching power supply V2 (3 Ampere)
USB Key (FTDIChip-ID™)
2x20 Digits LCD Display with RS232 port [SERIALCD-V2]
SeriaLCD serial cable V2
TEA1112A Telephone transmission circuits with dialler interface
Message board device [SERIALCD-V3]
USB to RS232 converter [UC232-10]
SC52-11EWA One digit numeric display
74HC04  HEX inverter (TSSOP)
ILX3232 Interface Transceiver of RS-232 Standard
Microswitch On/Off 3 pole - (double)
Microswitch On/Off 3 pole
Wire to PCB interconnection 2 pole
Wire to PCB interconnection - 3 pole
iButton* halo
C8051F221 Adaptor
Spacer snap-in fastening 9.6 mm
DS3487 Quad TRI-STATE Line Driver
2200 uF/50V Electrolytic capacitor (Radial)
Plastic enclosure ABS G758
Plastic spacer 10 mm
DS15 female connector
DS15 male connector
SMD/DIP adaptor for sensors SHT7x & SHT1x
PIC12F683 8-Pin Flash-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers
PIC16F88 18Pin Enhanced Flash Microcontrollers
PIC16F887 40Pin Enhanced Flash-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers
SHT71 Digital Humidity-Temperature sensor
Protection filter for SHT71 sensor
Plastic spacer 20 mm
Storage box for electronic components 903-132
SMD resistors collection 1206 series
MicroVGA connecting a micontroller to a VGA
Switching Power pack 5V/1A
Switching Power pack 12V/2A
RFID Access control [EdoorLock -5]
DS1005 BASIC-programmable Digital I/O Controller
DS1004 BASIC-programmable Analog I/O Controller
DS1206 BASIC-programmable Controller
EM100 Serial-to-Ethernet Module
EM1000 Programmable IoT Module
EM1206 BASIC-programmable Ethernet Module
GA1000 Wi-Fi Add-on Module
RJ203 Jack/Magnetics Module
EM203 Ethernet Module
Wi-Fi antenna
Antenna Cable for the GA1000
EM203-00+RJ203-00 Ethernet Module
EM1206+RJ203 Programmable IoT Module
Straight Ethernet cable
DB9F-to-DB9F serial cable (device-to-PC)
DB9M-to-DB9F serial cable (device-to-device)
Crossover Ethernet Cable
Electronic Circuits Issue 1ο
Electronic Circuits Issue 2ο
Electronic Circuits Issue 3ο
EM1000 Development board
EM1206 Development board
EM203 Starter Kit
EM500 Programmable IoT Module
EM500 Evaluation board
Protective cap for  the sensor SHT71
PCB connector for EM500
RJ45 connector [type A]
Bluetooth ® Module ARF32
RJ45 connector (type-B)
EM1000 LAN Interface
TTL/RS232/RS422 converter
Serial to Ethernet Converter
Electronic Lock with iButton [Electronic Lock-1]
RS232 / Wi-Fi / Ethernet Converter V1
Temperature / Humidity  measurement via Network/Internet  V1
Temperature measurement via Network/Internet V1
Remote control via Network/Internet V1
Remote control via Network/Internet V3
MicroVGA development tool
Temperature sensor with DS18B20 V2
Temperature sensor with LM75
1N4001 Diode
DS1002 BASIC-programmable Multi-port Controller
EM200 Ethernet Module
DS100B Serial Device Server with  RS232/422/485 port
TB100 Terminal Block Adaptor
DMK1000 DIN Rail Mounting Kit
DMK100 DIN Rail/Wall Mounting Kit
EM1000S Programmable IoT Module
Humidity-Temperature Sensor RHSM-1V2
Cable for sensor RHSM-1V2
Prototyping board 21.5cm x 4cm
TTL/USB Converter [TTL-232R-5V-WE]
Temperature/Humidity sensor P-SHT71
Visual indication of phone activity [OPTOTEL]
Programmable timer 1-99 minutes [L-Timer]
Remote control for 2 door lock solenoids [REMC1]
Advrertising & Announcement unit AAU2000
TV Display IC PAL500A
TV Display IC PAL500 Development tool suitable for Arduino
Scart cable V1
Scart cable V2
Transformer 16V5/2A
Switching Power pack 12V/1A