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BASCOM TV Development Board

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BASCOM TV Development Board is available for purchase in increments of 1

Quick Overview

With this software module you can generate output directly to a TV - via an RGB SCART connection - from BASCOM (AVR), using a just few resistors and a 20 MHz crystal.
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The package Includes:
1.The PCB board
2.The Crystal & Resistors

With the software module you can generate output directly to a TV - via an RGB SCART connection - from BASCOM (AVR), using a just few resistors and a 20 MHz crystal.

Write your program with the powerful but easy to use BASCOM compiler for AVR, and display whatever you need on any TV which has a SCART socket. Useful for debugging as well as for the final product.

The photo: the TV display function working on a flat panel LCD TV set.
The actual display is perfectly straight, some distortion is seen here caused by the camera optics.

Full development kit now available for commercial use. Includes built & tested board, pre-programmed sample IC, TV generation software module including all pixel data which can be edited.

For non-commercial use simply use a "Kite" system which already has the TV code programmed into the IC and can hold up to six separate 4K programs selectable by jumpers or switches.

TV Code Features:

♦ Generates a 55 column colour TV character display from an AVR MPU without any extra ICs
♦ Connects via a standard SCART socket giving a sharp RGB output signal (not composite video)
♦ Flexible RAM use - display RAM can be as large or small as needed
♦ Completely interrupt driven software - transparent to user
♦ Character pixel data can be edited or replaced by the user to allow custom characters

The TV software can be customised to special user requirements (e.g. differing character sizes) but is time critical machine code - please use the contact page for advice on different display formats.

ICs supported:

This code is for the ATMega 48/88/168/328 ICs. A PCB is available for testing and / or production. The code can be ported to other ATMega AVR ICs which have 512 bytes or more RAM, and a clock of 16-20 MHz.

BASCOM versions:

When using the development kit (which allows as many copies as you need) you will also require a registered copy of BASCOM to allow sufficient Flash program memory for most projects, as the binary include file for the TV output code is 2.5K, leaving only 1.5K of available space for your program out of the 4K maximum space allowed in the demo version of BASCOM.

Αvailable types (Select below)

1) PCB on its own.

2) PCB with a scart socket.

3) PCB with a scart socket and 20 MHz crystal.

4) Complete kit.

5) Assembled & tested

Additional information and examples can be found in the following files:


How to use

Include file




BASCOM: Trade mark of MCS Electronics

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SKU K26523
Manufacturer Agricom

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